Cassandra on the Island

‘Tis morn, and the flowers with dew are yet drooping
I see you are treading the verge of the sea:
And now! Ah, I see it—you just now are stooping
To pick up the keepsake intended for me.

From “To Some Ladies”
By John Keats

Cassandra on the Island is the story of second, third and fourth chances. These are the experiences that resonate for Cassandra, a young retiree from a dangerous past hoping to escape her memories and spend her remaining time reading books in a gazebo by the beach. Royal Carlton Island and its eccentric inhabitants though have other plans for her. A boat race, pirate treasure, glowing grave, recluse billionaire, fake vampire, and an opera-singing child are waiting…

Surprising, witty, romantic and unique, Cassandra on the Island is filled with the important days for Cassandra, and together each piece is one part of the picture that makes up her life.

Table of Contents

I Want to Tell You a Story (an Introduction)

Her Gardening (no longer available)

Hyacinths (no longer available)

White Lilacs (no longer available)

Sweet Williams (no longer available)

Red Jasmines (no longer available)

Eglantines (no longer available)

Clovers (no longer available)

Wisterias (no longer available)

Xeranthemums (no longer available)

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