13-Year Olds, Superheroes, and Money: This Year’s Summer Blockbusters

An article on summer blockbusters by me.  Here is the intro: 

Every year, reviewers complain about the summer blockbusters and every year it seems to become more and more exactly what the reviewers are complaining about (destruction, violence, non-stop action films, superheroes, over-the-top/cookie-cutter stories, etc.), but this year seems to knock the rest out of the ballpark.  There is just more of everything. And while I agree with some of the criticism heaped upon studios for their choices of what to produce and distribute, I understand where they are coming from.

I see three major factors contributing to what we are getting in the multiplexes this year.

 Are we all 13 now?

If I were a 13-year old boy I would be in heaven.

A summer of super heroes, aliens, cowboys, racecars, wizards, and pirates! 

Which 13 year old wouldn’t dance in joy? (Of course, if they are 13 it would be awkward dancing with an acute feeling of discomfort in one’s own skin and with one’s own emotions and new-found yearnings).

To read the rest of this article, please visit Green Spot Blue here.

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